Monday, November 29, 2010

reading over notes from an old ysa conference

i re-learned some important things:

1. You don't "get happy" in marriage -- you SHARE happiness in marriage. If you aren't happy now you won't be then and you will instead drain each other and end up frustrated and unhappy. (Find happiness now and then find someone to share it with.)

2. The rest of the world has a pretty messed up idea of love. We don't "complete" each other -- Christ completes us. Christ is the light of our lives -- not a another imperfect human being, however much we love them.

3. The Atonement works in relationships; trust God, not yourself.

4. A lesson of Nephi's efforts to get the plates first and then Ishmael's family: Before you are a fit candidate for a relationship you have to get the word of God in your life.

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