Sunday, June 6, 2010


Language is naming. Naming is our way of trying to make sense of our world. I think this is why we have given so many names to our God. It's our effort to understand Him.

Elder Holland said "we know that somehow "happiness, heart, love" are not enough to describe the living son of the living God. Those are abstractions, and he is clearly the least abstract being in our lives. so while we must be fully aware of the limitations -- in our lives, in our language, in our ability to comprehend or appreciate -- we still do well to praise Deity by name and in some small way come to know him better by what he says he is."

He has told us Him names in scripture. For this reason I am going to devote some time to studying the names of God. More to follow...

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  1. I started on that on my mission. Best idea ever.