Sunday, June 13, 2010

making time for temple work

While reading about temple and genealogy work today I came across this quotation:

'Sister Susa Young Gates..once asked her father (Brigham Young) how it would ever be possible to accomplish the great amount of temple work that must be done, if all are given a full opportunity for exaltation. He told her there would be many inventors of labor saving devices, so that our daily duties could be performed in a short time, leaving us more and more time for temple work. The inventions have come, and are still coming, but many simply divert the time gained to other channels, and not for the purpose intended by the Lord.' (Archibald F. Bennett, Improvement Era, Oct. 1952, p. 720)
It got me thinking of all the time I have available thanks to modern life... and how I waste it on frivolous amusements and irrelevant activities! The advances of our day were inspired by the Lord, not just to make life easier for the sake of ease, but to give us more opportunities do the "most glorious of all subjects belonging to the everlasting gospel" (D&C 128:17).

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