Friday, November 6, 2009

the right side

i parted my hair on the right side this morning.

for most of my life i've parted it on the left. i never really thought about why or about doing it any other way.

today when i look in the mirror i see a different person. which seems crazy because it was such a small change... and i don't usually feel this way when i dye my hair or change my clothes (much bigger changes!)

last night my brother had me look at a webpage he is designing because he wanted some feedback on how it looked. i talked to him about my impression of it and what he could maybe change. he said that in design most of the HUGE decisions you make are about tiny details; whether or not to include a 1/4 inch border around a photo or to do the text serif or sans serif, etc. These tiny visual pieces are what carry the design as a whole.

so maybe it's not so crazy to feel almost like a different person because of such a small change... maybe the smaller changes are bigger than the big ones because they are so subtle.

i bet a lot of things are like that.

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