Thursday, November 12, 2009


I miss magnolia and olive.

I was looking at pictures of these beautiful babies and, like a shove, I realized they aren't babies anymore. I don't think I appreciated how lucky I was to live so close to these darling mini-humans. I miss holding their hot little bodies and playing with them -- and I miss the way that simple play brought immediate love. I ought to have treasured those moments more.

On sunday I was watching a little girl who had just learned to walk run across a wood floor and sliding around on it in her red tights sans shoes... and I thought about how mags is running around now. I'm missing that! I hate missing that...  and olive's toddler-talk and wiping sticky faces and hands and the sound of little hiccups.

And I miss watching their mother, and what a natural she was for knowing the perfect thing to do when someone was grumpy. It's captivating. Even being just a small part of that dynamic, by being around a real mommy with her babies -- was the most lovely thing in the world.

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