Wednesday, October 1, 2014

my response to a Q on fbook

Question. Everyone talks about Gods timetable being better than our own, how does free agency work into that?
 — feeling lost.
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  • Kirsten Marie Nielsen from how I understand it, we have agency precisely because we are unable to accurately determine the state of the future. the principle of uncertainty (due to many things, including the limitations of language and our ability to perceive the world) gives us the opportunity to make choices, not based on knowing how things are actually going to turn out, but instead based on who we are (what we choose is a reflection of our inner selves -- what we value and believe). The idea of God "having a better timetable" is simply a mechanism for allowing more of our choices to reflect faith in God as opposed to being all happenstance or predisposition (i.e. it helps people feel like there is some certainty out there).

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