Friday, March 15, 2013

communal fellowship

I just read a little article on the sacrament and it reminded me of what I wrote in another post about how salvation is rooted in others – in relationships – in LOVE.  The end of the article states that Christ used the temple to illustrate "a communal fellowship of love" and that:
"If this interpretation is right, and I think it is, remember this when you next take the sacrament: it is not the emblems that are really holy and they themselves are not the symbols of Christ; instead, it is the ritual partaking of this festal meal with friends and family, regardless of status, that is the real memory of Jesus. It is precisely in this sense that the eating and drinking brings us to union with God."
It again illustrates the collaborative nature of the gospel. We are save as a body, as a people gathered together, as Zion.

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