Wednesday, October 12, 2011

spiritual identity

i was thinking about peter, james, and john. i was thinking
about where they came from and how they were just these rough
fishermen/laborers and not well educated.

in fact, even while following Christ they misunderstood things he said and the
roll he was to play, and at times contended with the other apostles. at one 

point peter even denied knowing Jesus. they were these really imperfect men, 
yet, by knowing Christ, they were changed.

Their weaknesses humbled them and the Lord made them strong. they
became the amazing leaders and apostles that we think of today when we
hear their names.

God knew that despite the earthly challenges of their upbringing, rough lives,

and culture who these men really were - the strength of soul they really 
had - would come through/come out. As they were reacquainted with the 
spirit and with the Lord himself, they "remembered" who they were and 
tapped into the strength that was waiting there for them.

these were not ordinary men......they were men God had ordained -
before they were even born - to do more than most, and to be intimate
witnesses of his mortal ministry and atonement -- then guide his
church and spread his gospel as apostles.

i think this is a really empowering concept.

that there is so much more to us that our earthly background.
that we really aren't defined by where we came from, how we were
raised, our education, our genetics, our tendencies, or our 
weaknesses. these are all the ways the world defines us. 
in all reality we are children of the almighty God and we are meant to
be so much more than our often limited perspective of ourselves 
allows us to understand.

there is a depth and spiritual strength to the soul, and like the
apostles, it can come bit by bit to the surface. making out

our spiritual identity OUR TRUE IDENTITY and not all that 
earthly/mortal stuff.

there's a scripture in hebrews that talks about how through the
struggles of our lives god provides better things for us -- we are
refined, all the mortal weaknesses, etc. burned away, and we are left
as who we truly are.

i hope you see that in yourself.

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