Saturday, July 17, 2010

thoughts on aeroplanes

Matt 6:20 - "But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven..."

      The aeroplane soared and dipped and circled, and soared again, until it became a mere speck far over the sunset hills.
     "I wonder," said Miss Oliver, "if humanity will be any happier because of aeroplanse. It seems to me that the sum of human happiness remains much the same from age to age, no matter how it may vary in distribution, and that all the 'many inventions' neither lessen nor increase it."
      "After all, the 'kingdom of heaven is within you,'" said Mr. Meredith. "It does not depend on material achievements and triumphs." (R. of I.)

The advancements of technology have made for the comforts of modern society that we all "need" now to be "happy." We've become such consumers. Excuse the reference, but we ARE living in a material world and I DO wonder if I've become too much of a material girl. Basing too much of my life around the pleasure of things. There's just SO MUCH available now; the newest cellphone that really won't make me any happier and all the things I waste time/money shopping for. It's a hard balance to find -- between being "neat and comely" and overindulging in the expensive and unnecessary (Alma 1:27)

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