Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Moses Readings

so i'm reading in Moses right now (Moses is a book in the Pearl of Great Price. It is the result of Joseph Smith's Translation of the Bible, specifically the first part of Genesis. It basically is the original version of what Moses wrote down concerning his vision of the creation, so it contains things that were taken out/changed over the years in Genesis.) 

one of the first things that strikes me is that as this vision is opened up to  Moses, and he sees the earth and it's inhabitants, it prompts him to ask God a question: "Tell me, I pray thee, why these things are so, and by what thou madest them?" (Moses 1:30) --- This question is basically what brought on the book of Genesis. Because Moses asked THAT question he received the answer (that he wrote down!) that became the doctrine of the creation for billions upon billions (in many religions-- christians, jews, muslims, etc.) It really emphasizes the importance of prophets and what they do for the world. It is through these men, through whom God chooses to reveal the things He wishes us to know, that the WHOLE WORLD receives DIRECT communication from God. It's this huge important thing... and yet it all came from a good question. What I pulled from that today was that God is in every part of my life and is constantly directing things to teach me, but that I also have to learn to ask better questions so that He can unfold greater and more detailed answers and understanding to me. does that make sense? i think God might have showed moses that stuff at first to get moses to ask that question so that God could show him everything -- because God never forces us to learn/understand. our asking questions is such a BIG part of our understanding and progressing.

a little further in this chapter the Lord says to Moses "For behold, this is my work and my glory -- to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man" (Moses 1:39) -- this verse really means a lot to me. It really means so much to know that the work of the eternal God, and what is His greatest object, is to HELP US... to help ME to become like him and return to him. and that is why He IS IN EVERY part of my life. because it's His whole object to arrange everything in such a way that i can learn and grow and become perfected IF i choose to do so.

it makes me feel more important. and it helps me to feel the motivation more keenly to search for answers, ask questions, try to understand the words of God through his prophets, and to just take advantage of all that God is doing for me

ALSO this connects with the question asking thing, but this time it's God who asks the question.

Moses 4 covers Satan tempting Eve and the partaking of the fruit, etc. The Lord comes down to the garden and asks Adam if he had eaten the forbidden fruit and Adam admits that he has. God didn't NEED to ask Adam that question -- God already knew the answer. But I think it exemplifies how God works with us when we make mistakes. The first step of repentance is ADMITTING what we have done, not just so that we can go through the rest of the process, but because this is how we become FREE from our errors. Satan will torture us with our sins -- often until we lock the door on our on conscience. God however asks us to admit our error, to not make excuses. We have to admit to ourselves and make it clear to ourselves our sins and weaknesses so that we can accept the consequences and learning that can come with it, as well as to take the necessary steps to improve and progress.

And even though the fall was a result of the choice of adam and eve -- and it had "negative" consequences -- in the long run it was a good and necessary thing, because it was through the fall that we all were then able to come to earth and have the experiences of living and making mistakes and learning. so like always, God has everything worked out to help us make the most of every decision we make, whether it is a good one or a bad one.

anyhow, these are my reflections so far from my readings is Moses. I hope there will be more to come!

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